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Reviews & Case Studies: Glazdjewels.com – 1486% Revenue Growth


Glazdjewels is an online jewelry store based in New York that sells high-quality jewels at affordable prices to an international market and launched in 2019. They came on board with us in August 2021 and are still a client to this day in 2024.

Kristin Mark Digital Reviews: Glazdjewels.com


Since launching her store in 2019, Glazdjewels has invested in several different ways to help scale the business including Facebook Ads, hiring someone from UpWork to run ads, and even doing a TikTok ‘boot camp’ course.

In 2020, annual revenue from the store was just $21,000, less than $3K per month. Nearly 50% of that revenue came from a couple of successful viral videos on TikTok over just two months.

The business was desperate to grow and generate more consistent sales instead of just relying on ads and the odd successful video. 

Sales were low, the store design was outdated, the page load speed was over 4 seconds and the conversion rate was low. 


Glazedjewels.com came on board with us in 2021 for our ULTIMATE Retail Growth 1.0 design, build, optimization, and marketing service.

We upgraded their store using our world-exclusive Shopify theme with a bespoke jewelry design and specification..

We manually optimized their product feed of around 200 SKUs for the search engines, our filter tech, and the Google Ads Shopping Comparison Service.

We planned, installed, and configured our Shopify AAP® SEO Product Filter tech which unleashed hundreds more fully optimized, high-converting landing pages in the search engines.

We eliminated all collection page metadata, keyword, and content conflicts with our unique canonical programming system to maximize organic exposure.

We ran a post-launch technical analysis to ensure a smooth transition to our tech.

We designed, planned and a 12-month content marketing campaign to drive additional traffic and attract high-quality links to build domain authority.

We fixed ongoing technical SEO issues and have provided them with a comprehensive marketing and support package ever since and still work with them to this day.

We have now started building the business a brand new store for an exciting new project of theirs using our exclusive Shopify OS 2.0 technologies and methodologies.


It took us just over 12 months to help the business hit a substantial 7-figure revenue growth across all channels which continues to this day.

Overall Site Revenue Growth = 1,486 %

Google Ads ROI = 72,437%

Ecommerce Conversion rate increase of 223%

Review & Testimonial

I have worked with many companies and freelancers and have tried many different methods over the years to achieve my business growth goals but none have come anywhere as close as Kristin and Mark. They offer first-class support and are always there when I need them and my results speak for themselves. It’s a shame that a few negative reviews from some unhappy ‘start-up’ companies a few years ago (when they grew enormously) have tarnished this businesses reputation online because I have nothing but amazing things to say about them, their work ethic and their ability to deliver results for my business which they are continuing to do in 2024, so much so, that they are now working on my latest online adventure which I hope will achieve simlar success. Thank you, Mark and Kristin.

Marsha Mohan – Owner – Glazdjewels.com


I help professional brands and independent retailers scale online with world-exclusive Shopify OS 2.0 technologies and organic-centric growth strategies.

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