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The Best Shopify Theme For SEO

RankHigherTheme® is one of the world’s best Shopify themes for SEO, speed and conversions. Unlike every other theme on the market, It has been designed, developed and engineered by ecommerce SEO, technical SEO and web development experts. As an ecommerce SEO and growth marketing agency, we never used to work with the Shopify platform because of it’s known technical SEO issues. But after many of our clients migrated to Shopify, we just had to learn how to get it to perform in the search engines. After spending a few years of technically re-engineering almost every theme on the planet, we discovered a huge gap in the market for a theme that was technically aligned with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Shopify Theme

Over 90 built-in speed, SEO and CRO boosting features...

99% of themes in the theme store are built by web designers, not technical SEO experts. We have been developing and re-engineering ecommerce stores and platforms to get them to perform better in the search engines since 2010. We know what works, and we know what causes issues. That’s why spent years and $100’000’s developing a Shopify 2.0 theme that loads faster, ranks higher, and converts more. 

AAP® Technology

Algorithm aligned, fully optimized code for maximum exposure in the search engines.

Mobile first design

Responsive ‘mobile-first’ design to ensure your store performs and converts on all devices; mobiles, desktops and tablets.

491ms page load

With minified CSS & JavaScript, our theme is one of the fastest themes on the market with an extremely fast page load.

AAP® SEO filters

Built-in, fully optimizable product filters pages that typically increase organic visibility by 1900% in weeks.

Structured data

Enrich your store’s content in the search engines and when displaying your content across social media platforms.

Open graph cards

Ensure the right information is shared when you syndicate your content across the internet and your social media channels.

CRO page layouts

Our page layouts are based on over 14 years of A/B split testing for maximizing your conversion rates.

Save $3000+ p/y

Save over $3000 per year on speed, SEO & conversion-boosting apps with over 90 features and functionality.

Best Shopify Theme For SEO Rankhighertheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RankHigherTheme® available in the theme store?

RankHigherTheme® is not available in the theme store no but after 2 years of exclusivity we will be releasing our theme for generale sale. You can learn more here: RankHigherTheme® 

Why is it not available in the theme store?

Shopify does not allow themes in the theme store that have minified CSS and JavaScript which our theme has to make it load as fast as it does. the theme has also been exclusive to clients of a unique design, build and optimization service: ULTIMATE Retail Growth

Who uses this theme?

This theme is used by some of the world’s biggest brands in their niche who want to maximize their organic performance, fast.

What other features does it have?

You can learn more about all of its 90+ features and functionality here.

If you’re using slow, outdated, low converting 1.0 Shopify theme then you should seriously consider upgrading (or migrating) to a faster loading, higher ranking, higher converting Shopify OS 2.0 theme. Learn more about how you can get this theme here: RankHigherTheme®

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